Plumb Out Of Time

An entirely new venture for this Author of the Red Mist Girl series is available on Amazon in paper or e-book formats.

This is an historical fantasy adventure, featuring Nat Williams, a 21st Century man who finds he has been booted into the 1850’s after a bizarre encounter while riding his motorcycle along the Colorado River on the California-Arizona border. Ever resourceful, Nat sets out to make the best of his situation, befriending Native Americans in the area, then coming across a baffling situation involving two young Mormon girls who have been adopted by the Mojave villagers. The baffling part is they want Nat to keep their presence secret from the encroaching Anglo civilization, which they believe him to be a part of. One person who accepts his story is a mysterious Mojave woman, whose range of knowledge about the world is well beyond what Nat would imagine possible from an inhabitant of a pre-literate society.

Here is a link to the novel on Amazon…