Dell’s Dilemma Wins 5 Stars!

We’ve done it again–the popular internet book review site, READER’S FAVORITE, has awarded Dell’s Dilemma a 5 Star Medallion for excellence in a half dozen areas, adding up to one great book! This is the second book to win the award in the 3 book Red Mist Girl series, that began with Dell’s Rage. Dell’s Luck won the medallion last year, and now Dell’s Dilemma! Just thought you ought to know.

–ML Biddison

What’s New…

The latest in the Red Mist Girl series titled “Dell’s Dilemma” is available in Kindle e-Book or Paperback from Amazon.

I am of the ‘pantser’ writing school, which if you have not heard the term, is a writing style based on letting the story flow as if written by the characters themselves. So believe it when I tell you boys & girls, Dell has come up with a doozy this time. You won’t believe the trouble she has gotten herself into. And not just with the bad guys, either!

Our hero is injured early on in the story when she tries to prevent the abduction of her female friend, who has a run-in with a couple of unpleasant men. Despite the injuries, Dell manages to pursue the culprits at close to full speed with the assistance of a tribal police captain, who is getting used to lending her a hand. Then this lanky deputy sheriff wanders in from another county. Now she’s in for it!


Dell’s Luck wins FIVE STAR medallion!

Dell’s Luck, the second work in the Red Mist Girl series where our hero pursues a plague of traffickers across her adopted state until they decide they’ve had enough, and work to swat her down as if she were a bothersome mosquito. Yes, that Dell’s Luck, has received a 5 star review from the Readers’ Favorite website, where it has been entered into the annual best novel contest. If anything else comes of that, you’ll be the first to know!

The second novel in the Red Mist Girl series has garnered a FIVE STAR medallion from Readers’ Favorite.


DELL’S RAGE, the first volume in the Red Mist Girl series has just garnered a FIVE STAR review from Aimee Ann’s blog RED HEADED BOOK LOVER. Follow this link to read all about Aimee and her review of DELL’S RAGE.


This just in from a satisfied reader…

“I just finished you first book, Dell’s Rage. I was engaged from the very first page! Dell is an immediately likable character (with some crazy luck and super powers) who connects immediately with the reader (or at least she did with me). The rest of the characters, likewise, draw the reader in and, quite frankly, I can’t wait to see what happens to them in book 2, Dell’s Luck!”

Alisa Evans 10-31-19


Another Rave Review!

Aimee, the Red Headed Book Lover has given Dell’s Luck a 5 Star rating. Follow the link to read the review: