excerpt from the fourth RED MIST GIRL book

Here’s a new excerpt from the just completed novel titled DELL’S LEAP. The volume is available in eBook or paper from Amazon…

The sheriff strolled in later than normal, even for a Saturday. Dell had gone and come back before he showed. Now she rushed to his office, practically on his heels, and knocked on the doorjamb as he sat in his big swivel rocker, exhaling contentment.

“Good morning, Vern. I have some things to go over with you. Did you see that big Jeep out front? I have to return it tomorrow, so I get to drive it one more time up to the ranch and back. It’s wonderful! I’m certain if I had been driving that car, I would not have been run off the road and whoever blew my door off would not have been able to get into the thing without the alarm sounding. I think…”

“Now just you wait, Deputy,” Warner interrupted. “Good morning, by the way. And before you get any further, let me say that our budget is squeezed to the limit right now, so there’s not a chance in hell, if you’ll pardon my French, that the county will earmark money for a fifty thousand dollar vehicle for you to romp around in, especially given the quantity of department units that have been totaled after being assigned to you.”

Dell bent her head and scowled at the floor.

“Now, I’m not saying you are to blame for any of this—it’s just a matter of the fiscal reality we have to be looking at. Unless, or until this current string of back-to-back vehicle mishaps has played itself out, we will assign you vehicles we can afford to replace regularly.”

A look of resignation replaced the scowl. “Yeah, I know, Vern. I’m just being childish. I just felt so much power—it’s addictive. And I’m looking for any help I can get in resisting these bastards coming at me all the time.”

“I know, Deputy. It’s like, you have to leave the amusement park and you are pleading for just one more ride. But it’s time to come back to earth now. We have to depend on our talent, which is affordable, as opposed to ultimate technology, which is not. Just the way it is, so please get used to it.”

Dell plopped into the chair against the wall and pulled her knees up to her chin. “Okay, Vern. I get it I don’t need to flog this to death. So listen to this other thing I have to get your opinion on, which I actually think might be important. Okay?”

Warner leaned forward and folded his hands on his desk. “Alright, Deputy. I’m listening.”

“I need a human ear.”

Warner leaned back and gazed at the ceiling, sorting over what this latest request might mean. “I’m sorry. You need me to lend an ear? Is… What the hell are you going on about now?”

Her feet bounced on the floor as they slid off the chair. “An ear, Vern! I need it as evidence that I’m dead… after I, in my guise as assassin, have completed the task of eliminating myself, then slice my bloody ear off to prove it. You think Madeline might get us an ear, no trouble?”

DELL’S LEAP Wins 5 Stars from Readers’ Favorite

Dell’s Leap, the fourth volume in the Red Mist Girl series, garnered a 5-Star review and the right to display the Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Medallion. The review was given on Christmas Eve, 2021, a nice ending to an otherwise bumpy year. Readers’ Favorite is a popular world-wide internet contest and review site. Here’s what they had to say about Dell’s Leap

“Filled to the brim with suspense, romance, and plenty of action, Dell’s Leap is a wild rollercoaster of a ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The plot moves in unexpected ways, featuring characters you find yourself cheering for in a non-stop, action-packed narrative.”

This is the third volume in the series to win the 5-Star medallion! Thank you Readers’ Favorite!

Dell’s Leap rates 9 out of 10 from Book Life Prize!

A newly published review from The BookLife Prize gives Dell’s Leap, the fourth volume in the Red Mist Girl series, 9 points out of 10 overall in 4 categories–Plot, Originality, Prose, and Character Development.

To quote The BookLife Prize: “…an engaging story…with likable characters and a steady flow of action.” “The story comes alive thanks to a good balance of action, description, and lively dialogue.”

Plumb on Vella!

Kindle Vella is a new showcase offered by Amazon for serialized, short chapters, or stories. The rules don’t seem really hard and fast right now, but I have set my stand alone novel out there, to be viewed chapter by chapter.

Plumb Out Of Time is about a man riding a motorcycle along the Colorado River at night, when he’s run off the road–and finds he has literally run out of road! All chapters have been posted to Kindle Vella and you can read three of them for free. Then to continue reading, you will have to purchase tokens from Amazon. I’m told they’re cheap. The entire novel, with additional material, has been published as an eBook or Trade Paperback on Amazon–see elsewhere on this site for a link. But if you just want to sample it, and/or like a happy ending, then follow it on Kindle Vella.

Here’s the link. Enjoy, and tell what you think.


Excerpt from the new Dell novel

To keep you up to date, here’s a piece of the new work in the Red Mist Girl series I’ve also put on my Facebook and Goodreads Author pages under ML Biddison. This is near the beginning of the novel, titled Dell’s Leap:

She enjoyed the routine, breakfast being her favorite and sometimes only meal of the day. She never cooked for herself. When called out early on some urgent matter, Dell would sometimes skip the breakfast and grab an apple or an orange on the way out.

No urgency awaited her today as she lolled in a booth at Molly’s, a small place by the bridge she frequented whenever overtaken by the need to refuel or reconnect.

Often she met her FBI friend there for a meal or just coffee. Today Agent Maddis had told her she would stop for coffee on her way down to the interstate. She wondered briefly why René was on the road today. Normally, Dell would seek to accompany her, but her new status as full-time deputy mandated she stick around Stanley County unless she had a good excuse to go wandering. Maybe René would give her that excuse.

Meanwhile, she would treat this weekend like any other. After her breakfast meeting with Maddis, she’d check in at the shop, make a couple of phone calls, then head up-river to the Parker Ranch. While still on call, Dell had not drawn patrol duty this weekend, so would be free to visit and help out where needed.

Agent René Maddis interrupted her reverie, sliding into the booth opposite Dell. She pushed a stray lock of short cropped black hair behind an ear. Dell noticed the agent wore a variation of her usual attire, a light gray, subtly pinstriped suit, white blouse opened at the neck to display a sparkling blue pendant on a fine chain.

“René! Hi. I didn’t even see you come in.”

“Looked like you were lost in space, Deputy.” Maddis raised her hand to flag down Marion, the server. “Coffee, please, Marion.”

Marion, a well-fed middle-aged woman, greeted the new arrival with her standard broad smile. “Sure thing, Agent. How you doing today?” It wasn’t really a question. She refilled Dell’s proffered cup, and whisked off to get another.

“So, René, what brings you out to this side of the river?” Dell blinked expectantly, hoping for a spark of calamity on an all too tranquil spring day.

Dell’s Dilemma Wins 5 Stars!

We’ve done it again–the popular internet book review site, READER’S FAVORITE, has awarded Dell’s Dilemma a 5 Star Medallion for excellence in a half dozen areas, adding up to one great book! This is the second book to win the award in the 3 book Red Mist Girl series, that began with Dell’s Rage. Dell’s Luck won the medallion last year, and now Dell’s Dilemma! Just thought you ought to know.

–ML Biddison

What’s New…

The latest in the Red Mist Girl series titled “Dell’s Dilemma” is available in Kindle e-Book or Paperback from Amazon.

I am of the ‘pantser’ writing school, which if you have not heard the term, is a writing style based on letting the story flow as if written by the characters themselves. So believe it when I tell you boys & girls, Dell has come up with a doozy this time. You won’t believe the trouble she has gotten herself into. And not just with the bad guys, either!

Our hero is injured early on in the story when she tries to prevent the abduction of her female friend, who has a run-in with a couple of unpleasant men. Despite the injuries, Dell manages to pursue the culprits at close to full speed with the assistance of a tribal police captain, who is getting used to lending her a hand. Then this lanky deputy sheriff wanders in from another county. Now she’s in for it!


Dell’s Luck wins FIVE STAR medallion!

Dell’s Luck, the second work in the Red Mist Girl series where our hero pursues a plague of traffickers across her adopted state until they decide they’ve had enough, and work to swat her down as if she were a bothersome mosquito. Yes, that Dell’s Luck, has received a 5 star review from the Readers’ Favorite website, where it has been entered into the annual best novel contest. If anything else comes of that, you’ll be the first to know!

The second novel in the Red Mist Girl series has garnered a FIVE STAR medallion from Readers’ Favorite.


DELL’S RAGE, the first volume in the Red Mist Girl series has just garnered a FIVE STAR review from Aimee Ann’s blog RED HEADED BOOK LOVER. Follow this link to read all about Aimee and her review of DELL’S RAGE.  https://redheadedbooklover.com/dells-rage-ml-biddison/


This just in from a satisfied reader…

“I just finished you first book, Dell’s Rage. I was engaged from the very first page! Dell is an immediately likable character (with some crazy luck and super powers) who connects immediately with the reader (or at least she did with me). The rest of the characters, likewise, draw the reader in and, quite frankly, I can’t wait to see what happens to them in book 2, Dell’s Luck!”

Alisa Evans 10-31-19


Another Rave Review!

Aimee, the Red Headed Book Lover has given Dell’s Luck a 5 Star rating. Follow the link to read the review: https://redheadedbooklover.com/dells-luck-ml-biddison/