There are currently two volumes in the Red Mist Girl series of books. Volume 3 will be introduced in the spring of 2020.

Dell, who survived a childhood on the mean streets of a big Mid-Western City, who ran to the Northern Prairie seeking a new life, is now again engaged in cleaning up the neighborhood! As a child, she fought for every scrap, and is now using those fundamental skills to keep safe those who have helped her along the way. What she hasn’t learned yet are a set of social skills allowing a more nuanced interaction with adults that doesn’t require physical confrontation…She’s getting there.

The Red Mist Girl series — fiction by author ML Biddison.

There is a Dell ‘Origin’ story out there, written not too long ago and never published. I will be happy to send you a download (only 3k words) if you request it. Click on the Menu Bar above and select “Contact”. The story is titled “Dell’s Education”. Takes place in Dell’s formative years on the streets of Chicago. Contact me with your e-mail!

ML Biddison