Plumb on Vella!

Kindle Vella is a new showcase offered by Amazon for serialized, short chapters, or stories. The rules don’t seem really hard and fast right now, but I have set my stand alone novel out there, to be viewed chapter by chapter.

Plumb Out Of Time is about a man riding a motorcycle along the Colorado River at night, when he’s run off the road–and finds he has literally run out of road! All chapters have been posted to Kindle Vella and you can read three of them for free. Then to continue reading, you will have to purchase tokens from Amazon. I’m told they’re cheap. The entire novel, with additional material, has been published as an eBook or Trade Paperback on Amazon–see elsewhere on this site for a link. But if you just want to sample it, and/or like a happy ending, then follow it on Kindle Vella.

Here’s the link. Enjoy, and tell what you think.

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